Meet Our Team

The Way We Conduct Business and Auctions

Top results and consideration for the Sellers’ unique need - plus a well-organized, friendly and FUN atmosphere for buyers - are key service targets for our Team.

Honesty, Integrity, Customer Focus and Reliable Team-Based operations are the foundation of our business.

Agency is the legal relationship created when one person or entity (agent) represents another (principal) in some activity.  The fiduciary relationship of “trust and confidence” in agency holds the agent (Price Real Estate and Auction Service) to important obligations - all geared to the benefit of the principal (typically the Seller).  

Our standard practice is that we represent only the Seller in a clear single agency relationship.  Therefore, we owe all the fiduciary responsibilities of obedience, loyalty, disclosure, care, accounting and responsible action (diligence) specifically - and only - to the Seller.  We have an obligation to treat buyers fairly and honestly, of course - and to help facilitate their role in completing the transaction.  But, the “20/20” focus of our vision remains on completing the transaction with the Seller’s best interests as the unquestionable primary outcome.


The Price Real Estate & Auction Service AUCTION TEAM


The Price Auction TEAM Philosophy

Well-executed auctions (those that maximize results to the seller) require several roles to be played in a high quality manner.  That is why we have three (3) Realtor/Auctioneers, additional apprentice auctioneers and numerous support staff available to perform according to the specifics of a variety of auction situations.

Our auctioneers and apprentices have areas of special expertise, such as:

  • residential real estate

  • commercial/investment property

  • farm property/equipment, marketing and sales

  • furniture, collectibles, tools, musical instruments, and other types of personal property

  • vehicles

  • guns

  • appraisal

Our standard is to have at least three (3) primary team members engaged in every auction.  Sellers always have one (1) primary person to contact and two (2) others pre-designated to call for assistance if the primary person is unavailable at any given time. 

Key activities (in addition to calling for bids at the auction) include all those activities required to:

  1. prepare for the auction (contracting, preparing and presenting (showing) the property, promotional endeavors, “arena” staging, etc.);

  2. conduct the auction (register buyers, call the bids, record the sale of each item, collect proceeds, etc.); and

  3. close the transactions (account for all monies, pay expenses, distribute proceeds, coordinate with financial institutions, etc.).  We train our staff to be capable in at least 2 roles.

Something else about us…

Year after year, the Price Auction Team is highly sought after and regularly supports benefit & charitable fund-raising auctions such as Rock for Tots, the Junior Civic League Christmas Gala & Hope Clinic.  Other noteworthy events include auctions for the Corryville Suzuki Project (Cincinnati) and the St. Joseph’s Montessori School (Columbus).  By the end of 2014 such events generated in excess of $1,000,000 for these worthy causes - indicating “in kind” contribution by the Price Team of over $100,000.

Now, here’s a little more information about our team:

Dewey Price (Owner, Resl Estate Broker, Primary Auctioneer, Appraiser)

Dewey began auctioneering over 50 years ago and now leads the Price Auction Team at real estate and personal property auctions of many varieties throughout central and southern Ohio.  As the owner, licensed real estate broker of record and the principal auctioneer, he carries the overall leadership and management responsibility for all real estate and auction activities.  He has been an appraiser of real and personal property for attorneys, estates, government entities and individuals since 1966 (when initially licensed as a real estate salesman) and is listed as an approved appraiser with the Ross County Probate Court.

Dewey is well known for his friendly demeanor, energetic attitude and honesty in business transactions.  He sets a positive results-oriented and customer-focused tone for the entire team.  He is a member of the Scioto Valley, Ohio and National Associations of Realtors as well as the Ohio and National Auctioneers Associations.  He also owns and operates the Price Insurance Agency in Portsmouth, Ohio.

Dewey, a Viet Nam veteran, graduated from Chillicothe High School & lives near Chillicothe with his wife, Diane.  Daughter Stacey's family includes son-in-law John & 2 grandchildren who provide happiness for Dewey & Diane!  Email Dewey at  [email protected] or call him at 740.703.8648 .


Steve Hummel

Steve was initially licensed as a real estate salesman in 1973 & as a real estate broker in 2015.  He held various positions in local offices including: closing coordinator, sales manager, office manager, relocation director and general manager.

He began appraising real and personal property for attorneys, estates, government entities and individuals in 1973 and is listed as an approved appraiser with the Ross County Probate Court.

As an active member of Realtor Associations, he was President of the Ross County Board of Realtors and selected three (3) times as the local Realtor-Salesman of Year.  At the State level, Steve’s most significant service was as the Chairman of the Sales Advisory Division, which included a seat on the Board of Trustees and the Executive Committee.

Steve received numerous awards, including the Gallery of Homes “Knights of the Roundtable” and the Ohio Association of Realtors “Professionals of the Year.”  His most notable recognition was selection as the Ohio Association of Realtors “Realtor-Salesman of the Year” in 1985.

Steve completed the Missouri Auction School and became a licensed auctioneer in 1984.  He has conducted real estate and personal property auctions throughout South-Central Ohio and is a member of the Ohio Auctioneers Association & the National Auctioneers Association as well as the Scioto Valley, Ohio and National Association of Realtors.  In addition to expanding auction activities, Steve continues his business consulting service, Transitions Unlimited! with a focus on Leadership and organizational development.  He was the instructor for most of the real estate related courses at Ohio University-Chillicothe where he also taught small business courses.

A Chillicothe native, Steve graduated from Chillicothe High School and has an Associate Degree in Real Estate, a Bachelor’s Degree in General Business and a Masters in Business Administration - all from Ohio University.  In August of 2003, he completed 33 years of service in the Ohio Army National Guard, retiring as a Colonel.  He was a private pilot and enjoys sports.  He also enjoys music and plays guitar and other instruments in The Wegians '60s rock band.  Steve lives near Chillicothe with his wife, Rita.  Together they have a son, 3 daughters & their families, plus 1 grandson.

Email Steve at [email protected] or call him 740.649.9634.


Troy Collins

Troy has been with with Dewey for over 25 years.  In addition to auctioneering, he is the "Ring Manager" responsible for moving & setting the display of all merchandise.  He is a graduate of Huntington High School & lives near Chillicothe.  He enjoys hunting & raising animals. Troy owns & operates Old World Stamped Concrete/Construction & 3 Locks Deer Processing.  He & his wife, Sandy, enjoy hunting, kayaking & other outdoor activities.  Call Troy @ 740.703.5290.

Taylor Sowers recently (September 2016) joined our team as an apprentice auctioneer.  She also helps with packing & setup.  She graduates from Huntington High School in May 2017.



Support Staff:

Denise Hatfield

Head Cashier

Sandy Collins

Computer Clerk, Packing/Setup/Display

Sharon Cutright

Clerk, Ring Assistant


Rita Hummel


Sandy Locke