While our primary focus is selling real estate at auction, we have additional services that support and add convenience for our clients.  The brief descriptions below barely scratch the surface of all the things you should consider before selecting an auctioneer, Realtor or an appraiser. Our fees are very reasonable and competitive. For example, we use a graduated percentage scale for real estate that reduces as the selling price increases.

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Real Estate At Auction

More and more Sellers choose the auction method as a first choice - rather than a last resort - for a number of good reasons.  However, the top three (3) reasons are:

A desire for...

  1. the best possible price and terms

  2. the shortest amount of time

  3. the least inconvenience and cost

Real estate transactions are fairly complex with all the required property condition disclosures, title concerns, rapidly changing values, zoning and environmental restrictions, financing and tax challenges, fair housing responsibilities, advertising requirements and costs, agency relationship options, etc.

You need an experienced team to be on your side helping you navigate past the many obstacles to a successful transaction. 

The Price Auction Team provides the core group of expertise you need to facilitate maximum results -- and we coordinate legal, accounting, surveying and other support for you as a part of our services.

From the initial contract through promotional activities (including the latest in Internet presence), auction day events and closing/final settlement – we’re right there with you and for you.  

Also, we publish our auctions (and other listings) in the local web-based Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and encourage broker cooperation through buyer registration.  This is a significance distinction for us and a noteworthy advantage for our Sellers since some of our competitors do not allow broker registration or cooperation.


Multi-Parcel Real Estate Auctions

Clearly, one of the most important innovations in selling real estate at auction is the Multi-Parcel Process.

There are several versions of offering two (2) or more pieces (parcels/tracts) individually, and then the property as a whole or in combinations of pieces to determine what produces the most money for the Seller.

However, we find the best results occur when:

  1. each parcel is offered separately, then
  2. the property is offered as a whole, as well as
  3. in any combination of parcels -- as determined by the buyers.

This process takes a little longer than others, but Sellers get the maximum possible price and buyers get exactly what they want.

Two or three parcels/tracts can be sold and tracked manually with relative ease.  However, we use an automated system of laptop computers with special software and video projection (in a wireless network) - as well as large white boards - to track and display bid progress and status. Knowledgeable and cordial bid assistants help ensure that all buyers are completely comfortable with the process and understand where they are as the bidding evolves in addition to what it takes to get the parcels/tracts or combinations they want.

Contact us for a brief introduction and/or a detailed demonstration of this extraordinary auction method.


Personal Property at Auction

Property, other than real estate, is called chattel or personal property.  The vast majority of personal property auctions we conduct are to settle an estate.  However, businesses get great results for inventory reduction, re-organization or liquidation.  Farm equipment and livestock auctions, downsizing residences, relocating out of the area and many other situations present appropriate auction opportunities.


Internet/Online Auctions

With today’s expanding global economy, adding the web-based bidding capability is a prudent enhancement for some auctions.  There are additional costs, administrative and logistical concerns for both Sellers and buyers.  However, our experience indicates that today’s technology provided by AuctionOhio and others, produces a smooth and productive experience on both ends.


Absentee and Phone Bidding

We provide these services in limited situations.

Both take preliminary coordination & financial arrangements and generally require a buyer's premium to cover the cost of administration.  We handle all absentee bids “competitively”-- this means the absentee bidder provides a starting bid level and a maximum purchase price to us. We then bid for the absent person as if they were present until they are the successful buyer or the bidding goes past their maximum.

Phone bidding involves extensive synchronization.  We provide this service for real estate and high quality items ONLY.


Real Estate Listing/Sales, Buyer Representation

We list & sell selected properties when circumstances do not provide the proper atmosphere or conditions for selling at auction.  Often, we assist our Clients in selecting a Realtor when we are not properly postured to fully service their listing.  

We represent buyers as they look for a property only when they need our consulting expertise or when confidentiality is a premium concern.


Appraisal:  Real Estate, Personal Property

We have nearly 100 years of combined experience and frequently appraise both real and personal property for attorneys, estates, businesses, government entities and other clients.


Real Estate Consulting

Our experience provides a basis for assisting in site selection, project feasibility and management, financing alternatives, commercial and investment opportunities, etc. 

Referrals:  Nationwide

We have the capability to assist in selecting Realtors and Auctioneers throughout the United States due to personal contacts and affiliations in Ohio & National associations.


Packing and Moving

See  "Set up & Display" on  The Auction Process page 

Parking Control, Tents, Concessions, etc.

See "Other Administgrative/Logistical Needs" on The Auction Process page


Indirect Services


Home, Auto, Life, etc.   Dewey Price owns and operates Price Insurance Agency in Portsmouth, Ohio.  

Email Dewey at [email protected] or contact one of his agents at 740.354.7531 .


BUSINESS CONSULTING (Leadership/Management/Organization Development):

Steve Hummel is the owner and senior consultant for Transitions Unlimited! providing assistance in strategic planning, quality management systems (Baldrige, etc.), marketing, team building, meeting facilitation, training, retention, etc.

Email Steve at [email protected] or call him at 740.649.9634 for additonal details.



Troy Collins is the owner/operator of Old World Stamped Concrete and Construction.

Call Troy at 740.703.5290